Being  in the pressure washing business I have learned numerous things about window cleaning in Madison Wisconsin.

window cleaning in madisonNumber one: Window cleaning in Madison Wisconsin is imperative after power washing or pressure washing your home, for many reasons,  number one being that windows will invariably be spotty no matter how much you rinse them.  Hard water stains are inevitable.  Depending on the area that you live in, they can be mild or aggressive.  Proper rinsing during the power washing or pressure washing phase can eliminate or decrease this type of spotting.  Window cleaning a freshly pressure washed or power washed home will  give the project a much more complete look and a complete appearance.

Window cleaning in Madison Wisconsin and the products and solutions we use.

The more effective window cleaning in Madison products and solutions can be purchased at any local grocery strore or hardware store.  A little squirt of Dawn liquid detergent into a gallon bucket of water provides a very effective window product or window cleaning solution.  It is highly effective in removing residue whether it is bleach, dirt or common build-up.  It is also the same product used in the rescue of oil-drenched animals.  Other window cleaning in Madison products or solution may be added to the Dawn such as squeezy off to make it an even more effective window cleaning solution.  The soapy solution may be applied to the window with a soft scrub pad that will not scratch the glass, such as a white 3m scrub pad.  This will assist greatly in loosening up bug tar and other imbedded elements.

Window cleaning in Madison Wisconsin and how we deal with different types of windows.

One complication of window cleaning in Madison Wisconsin is window type, window dimension and heighth and accessability of the windows.  Some complications is a lack of preparation for all these variances.  A well-equipped window cleaner should have a standoff at the top of his ladder that gives him an ample working distance from the window face.  This will give the individual greater range of motion and stability.  On large picture windows, an aluminum plank straddled between two ladder jacks may be required in an elevated position.  A long aluminum plank or pick between two step ladders is very effective in working over bushes and plants where a standard step ladder may not work.  Squeegee’s of all sizes are standard equipment for window cleaning in Madison Wisconsin personnel.  Having a good old-fashioned bottle of sparkle window cleaning solution or product should be on board for front door traffic and other windows of high visability.

Pricing and window cleaning.

Pricing with any company reflects the profile that bigger is not better and the fastest growing is not quality.  Many high profile window cleaning companies pricing will be directly affected by the size of their overhead.  So if you’re interested in a fair and accurate bid regarding window cleaning in Madison, give Mike Welch a call at Accurate Power Washing.

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