Exterior painting in Madison and the signs of paint failure.

exterior painting in madisonThere are many reasons for paint failure in exterior painting in Madison.  Extreme climate shifts from 25 below to over 95 in the  summer make exterior painting in Madison high in demand.  Not only does the climate changes cause high demand for exterior painting in Madison but humidity and UV rays are also a factor. There are techniques and products that will increase the longevity of your exterior painting job. The obvious signs of paint failure are blistering , peeling ,checking and film lifting. Each one of these symptoms can be addressed and corrected by proper preperation.

Exterior painting in Madison and how we correct obvious signs of paint failure.

First lets talk about bubbling. Bubbling on wood is caused by the release of moisture from behind a curing film of paint. So humidity is a very important factor. And moisture from a recent rain and the humidity factor work into a relationship causing the paint to dry quicker or slower based upon that humidity factor. Testing the wood with a moisture detector will give you reliable data in regards to priming bare wood or painting bare wood.  5-10% is usually safe for siding. 11-15% for deck flooring.  Although deck flooring is less suspect to bubbling but premature failure can result from high moisture levels.

Humidity can cause peeling and checking in exterior painting in Madison. Checking and peeling over periods of time are normal conditions as paint integrity begins to fail. Catching these signs early to where peeling and checking occur mildly on board edges, lips and unprotected fascia will prevent costly restoration and repainting conditions. If there is early detection with this mild deterioration it can prevent extensive induction of moisture into the unprotected substrate. Where extensive weathering or humidity can lead to dry rot on window ledges and frames causing costly repairs.

Exterior painting in Madison and the preparation and the tools that we use.

There are many ways that paint fails and many different forms of paint that does fail. The preparation and tools that we use are specific to each exterior painting job. Paint that is failing on the substrate that is hard and brittle may require a tool called a wing scraper. A thin rubbery coat may require a tool called a thin blade flexing knife. These  two tools are specific to the preparation of failing paint and that articular paints removal requirements. Selecting a good primer is critical in the preparation of the exterior painting in Madison of your home. As with point specific tools, having their point specific applications for effectiveness and productivity. So primers have their specific applications as well. With the advent of new acrylic latex technology many acrylic bonding primers exceed the effectiveness of the older oil primers.

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