Drywall repair in Madison Wisconsin and the services we provide.

drywall repair in madisonA small crack in a wall does two things. One it is an eyesore and two it will spider and get worse overtime. Many cracks in drywall repair in Madison and plaster are easily repairable with an experienced drywaller. Digging the crack out and pre-filling with patch with 90-minute easy sand, then sponging the edges will give a good surface to tape over the cracks, and create a solid bed for the taping surface. Many times plaster and drywall cracks in corners may be remedied with a good 50 year exterior caulk, wet raged and primed. Drywall interior corners many times will take the most experience to have a perfect result. The proper prepping of the wall before painting will always make the difference in a professional look or an inferior painting appearance.

Drywall repair in Madison Wisconsin and the products that we use.

There are many types of mud starting with durabond 20 which is basically unsandable and has limited applications inside a home. This product more resembles concrete and is excellent for bridging floors. There are many types of mud which are timed, the shorter the minutes from five to ninety etc. indicating it’s drying time. Generally speaking the shorter the minutes the harder the mud sets up. Paper tape is common for most drywall joints both commercial or residential custom. Mesh tape has it’s applications as well. Holes and gaps in the drywall are usually prefilled with 90-minute easy sand bag mud before taping begins. The drywall repair in madison process uses varying products. Such as spackle which is used for nail holes, screw holes etc. A drywall patch will be used quite often for door knob penetration into drywall or plaster. These days these are simply remedied with an aluminum drywall mesh patch that can be purchased just about anywhere. These patches are easy to use and very consumer friendly. Nailers are used quite often as well for small hole patch repair. The aluminum or nailer patch simply needs to be sanded smooth and finished with a loose mud. Lightly sponge sanded, textured and painted. The nailer has been a common patch approach for many years of drywall repair in Madison, Wisconsin servicing.

Drywall repair in Madison Wisconsin and the tools we use.

Common drywall hand finshing tools are a mud pan made of aluminum or plastic. A six inch tape knife, and an eight, ten or twelve finishing knife are also used.  The broader knives are used in the final drywall patch or repair process. A mix bucket of five gallons in size. A mixing whip for blending the water and drywall compound.  Tape tools such as a bazooka and a banjo are commercial and drywall repair in Madison tools which greatly speed up the tape process.

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