Cleaning vinyl siding in Madison and the proper techniques used.

cleaning vinyl siding in madisonCleaning vinyl siding in Madison definitely has procedures that need to be followed in order  that the siding is restored to its original condition.  Stains from the products may result in a modeled appearance and is counter productive to any pressure washing positive effect of removing stains and mildew. When cleaning vinyl siding in Madison, all processes with the exception of a few involve the application of solutions whether it be bleach applied with a chemical injector mixed with trisodium phosphate or any other solutions to remove stains that is applied with the pressure washer from the bottom up. There are many products on the market for cleaning vinyl siding in Madison which are sold to the consumer for pressure washing one’s home. Many of these are overpriced products that are no more effective in removing stains, mildew or algae than common household bleach. Experience teaches us that pressure washing from the top down, even though it seems to be the natural thing to do reinforces the stain matter on the surface of the vinyl siding and the siding may become streaky.

The tools used for cleaning vinyl siding in Madison.

When cleaning vinyl siding in Madison, many people will have numerous opinions concerning tools used in the pressure washing industry. There are only so many ways that these can be used correctly in a pressure washing procedure, with varying degree’s of effectiveness.  The product’s must be applied in the pressure washing cycle. The stains  must be properly scrubbed. Some stains must be retreated with bleach or pressure washing solutions.  This procedure sometimes needs to be repeated numerous times to get the desired results before the final rinse with the power washer. Pressure washers equipped with more than 13 horsepower are very adequate for the removal of stains and mildew. The actual cleaning power to remove these stains, mildew and dirt rely to a greater extent on the pump and it’s capacity to put out gallons per minute. Pressure washers for cleaning vinyl siding in Madison are equipped for commercial use for removing stains and mildew and should have a pump with at least a 3 to 4 gallon minute capacity. The other factor in controlling gallons per minutes in pressure washers are the pressure washing tips that are connected with a quick coupler at the end of the pressure washers gun. These tips are calibrated generally at zero degree, 15 degree, 25 and 40. The other tools that we bring with us to the job site for cleaning vinyl sinding in Madison are. varying types of nylon bristle brushes for removal of mildews and stains. Extension poles are to be used with these brushes.

cleaning vinyl siding in madisonHow we protect your home when cleaning vinyl siding in Madison.

Before pressure washing begins for cleaning vinyl siding in Madison,  all items that are  in the way of  the our pressure washing work area, will either be removed or covered or protected. Items such as plants on hangers and hooks will be taken down so that the bleach or products for the removal of mildew and stains  will not damage these items. Window areas present the greatest problems in any pressure washing phase. During pressure washing they must be rinsed continuously, especially if they are in direct sunlight. Many times it’s wise to take the pressure washer and dampen windows before applying chemicals.

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