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18 Sep 2023

Drywall Repair in Madison Wisconsin

Drywall repair in Madison Wisconsin and the services we provide.

drywall repair in madisonA small crack in a wall does two things. One it is an eyesore and two it will spider and get worse overtime. Many cracks in drywall repair in Madison and plaster are easily repairable with an experienced drywaller. Digging the crack out and pre-filling with patch with 90-minute easy sand, then sponging the edges will give a good surface to tape over the cracks, and create a solid bed for the taping surface. Many times plaster and drywall cracks in corners may be remedied with a good 50 year exterior caulk, wet raged and primed. Drywall interior corners many times will take the most experience to have a perfect result. The proper prepping of the wall before painting will always make the difference in a professional look or an inferior painting appearance.

Drywall repair in Madison Wisconsin and the products that we use.

There are many types of mud starting with durabond 20 which is basically unsandable and has limited applications inside a home. This product more resembles concrete and is excellent for bridging floors. There are many types of mud which are timed, the shorter the minutes from five to ninety etc. indicating it’s drying time. Generally speaking the shorter the minutes the harder the mud sets up. Paper tape is common for most drywall joints both commercial or residential custom. Mesh tape has it’s applications as well. Holes and gaps in the drywall are usually prefilled with 90-minute easy sand bag mud before taping begins. The drywall repair in madison process uses varying products. Such as spackle which is used for nail holes, screw holes etc. A drywall patch will be used quite often for door knob penetration into drywall or plaster. These days these are simply remedied with an aluminum drywall mesh patch that can be purchased just about anywhere. These patches are easy to use and very consumer friendly. Nailers are used quite often as well for small hole patch repair. The aluminum or nailer patch simply needs to be sanded smooth and finished with a loose mud. Lightly sponge sanded, textured and painted. The nailer has been a common patch approach for many years of drywall repair in Madison, Wisconsin servicing.

Drywall repair in Madison Wisconsin and the tools we use.

Common drywall hand finshing tools are a mud pan made of aluminum or plastic. A six inch tape knife, and an eight, ten or twelve finishing knife are also used.  The broader knives are used in the final drywall patch or repair process. A mix bucket of five gallons in size. A mixing whip for blending the water and drywall compound.  Tape tools such as a bazooka and a banjo are commercial and drywall repair in Madison tools which greatly speed up the tape process.

Accurate power washing would like to thank you for reading this article on drywall repair in Madison, Wisconsin.

Many companies do drywall repair in Madison, Wisconsin. Accurate Powerwashing also does drywall repair in madison, wisconsin and has competitive pricing and great customer service. Call for an estimate in drywall repair in madison, Wisconsin at 608-825-3243 or 608-516-3392.



16 Sep 2023

Pressure Washing Services In Madison

pressure washing servicesPressure Washing Services in Madison and Accurate Powerwashing

Our pressure washing services in Madison is a family-owned business starting over 25 years ago. My beginning experience was heavily influenced through my work with Klein Dickert. I not only learned how a painting company had to be multi-dimensional with a cohesive team-generated effort but this was in a day when professional standards had barriers and quantifiers. I had the privilege of being trained with master craftsman who mixed their own paints and formulated personal approaches that were handed down many times from generation to generation. This again influenced our pressure washing services in Madison – where your eye should be trained critically and your work driven ethically. Great pressure washing services in madison, although they are not rocket sciences, there is a simple science behind it – for a job to come out top-notch and near craft-perfect in our industry. A craft-perfect result would be one that is starting from scratch where we are in the restoration industry. Craft-perfect is the top level of performance in any work in any industry. More common are professional residential, commercial, and industrial – moving from critical perfection to commercial practicality.

Pressure Washing Services in Madison and Our Services

Our pressure washing services in Madison over the years has engaged every aspect of a pressure washing services company at a very comphrensive level. One of the first aspects,  and most important, especially in a family-run business, is our customer service. Whether pressure washing services or any other industry. a good customer service program can be simply stated as well-communicated expectations. These should all be listed and easily understood whether it be pressure washing services or integrated services such as our window cleaning service. The second part in any customer service program is the capacity to communicate procedures and concerns. Customer concerns should always be addressed and calls in relationship to concerns returned immediately. Our window cleaning services is a courtesy service based upon thousands of completed homes and the complications of hard water spotting or any residual residue. We have extensive expertise in aluminum and vinyl siding restoration, and hand detailing if elected.; all forms of synthetic deck restoration which takes expertise; gutter checking, cleaning and flushing; cement and brick restoration and sealing; stucco repair, and interior and exterior painting. Our pressure washing services prices are competive- neither at the highend or low end.

Pressure Washing Services in Madison and Our Edge on the Competition

Although we are a pressure washing services company that has many valuable integrated services, we have gained our pressure washing experience uniquely from thousands of jobs personally performed over 25 years. Many paint companies offer pressure washing services in Madison, but none can claim the diversified expertise from comprehensive knowledge amd experience and our ability from this experience to meet and exceed customer expectations and final results.

Thank you for ready our article. For more information on our pressure washing services in Madison, visit our website at Pressure Washing Services Madison.



02 Sep 2023

Exterior Painting in Madison

Exterior painting in Madison and the signs of paint failure.

exterior painting in madisonThere are many reasons for paint failure in exterior painting in Madison.  Extreme climate shifts from 25 below to over 95 in the  summer make exterior painting in Madison high in demand.  Not only does the climate changes cause high demand for exterior painting in Madison but humidity and UV rays are also a factor. There are techniques and products that will increase the longevity of your exterior painting job. The obvious signs of paint failure are blistering , peeling ,checking and film lifting. Each one of these symptoms can be addressed and corrected by proper preperation.

Exterior painting in Madison and how we correct obvious signs of paint failure.

First lets talk about bubbling. Bubbling on wood is caused by the release of moisture from behind a curing film of paint. So humidity is a very important factor. And moisture from a recent rain and the humidity factor work into a relationship causing the paint to dry quicker or slower based upon that humidity factor. Testing the wood with a moisture detector will give you reliable data in regards to priming bare wood or painting bare wood.  5-10% is usually safe for siding. 11-15% for deck flooring.  Although deck flooring is less suspect to bubbling but premature failure can result from high moisture levels.

Humidity can cause peeling and checking in exterior painting in Madison. Checking and peeling over periods of time are normal conditions as paint integrity begins to fail. Catching these signs early to where peeling and checking occur mildly on board edges, lips and unprotected fascia will prevent costly restoration and repainting conditions. If there is early detection with this mild deterioration it can prevent extensive induction of moisture into the unprotected substrate. Where extensive weathering or humidity can lead to dry rot on window ledges and frames causing costly repairs.

Exterior painting in Madison and the preparation and the tools that we use.

There are many ways that paint fails and many different forms of paint that does fail. The preparation and tools that we use are specific to each exterior painting job. Paint that is failing on the substrate that is hard and brittle may require a tool called a wing scraper. A thin rubbery coat may require a tool called a thin blade flexing knife. These  two tools are specific to the preparation of failing paint and that articular paints removal requirements. Selecting a good primer is critical in the preparation of the exterior painting in Madison of your home. As with point specific tools, having their point specific applications for effectiveness and productivity. So primers have their specific applications as well. With the advent of new acrylic latex technology many acrylic bonding primers exceed the effectiveness of the older oil primers.

Thank you for reading this article on exterior painting in  Madison. A continuation of this article on exterior painting in Madison will soon follow.

For more information on exterior painting in Madison, visit our website.






30 Aug 2023

Pressure Washing in Madison

Pressure washing in Madison—a solution for your home.

pressure washing in madison

There are many misconceptions and notions on the validity of pressure washing in Madison.  Pressure washing in Madison is a very simple way to increase the asthetics and curb appeal of your home. Although pressure washers  are all basically the same principle in construction, they have many varying applications. These applications range from restoration of vinyl, restoration of aluminum, prepping for paint and pressure washing concrete.  Being that the pressure washing in Madison business is very competitive and sometimes subject to substandard work, we at Accurate Powerwashing have always prided ourselves in the execution of excellence in our work. Doing pressure washing in Madison with our company should be an enjoyable experience for you as a customer. Our pressure washers have been trained to perform excellent work in a reasonable time frame.

Pressure washing in Madison and the tools and chemicals that we use.

All chemicals that Accurate Powerwashing ulitizes in the performance of completing a home, are industry standard and environmentally (a.k.a. eco-friendly)  safe to plants and animals. Pressure washing chemicals that are used for the pressure washing of concrete will vary depending on the point-specific application. Sometimes chemicals will vary depending on the degree of mildew, dirt and algae buildup. They may vary on pressure washing concrete such as an acid wash application that may be used in relationship to following up with a clear acrylic sealer. Sometimes these applications will vary when pressure washing concrete. Pressure washing chemicals may be applied by a device called a chemical injector. The chemical injector that we use for pressure washing controls the dilution during the pressure washing process so that they are strong enough to kill mildew, mold and loosen dirt but not have a negative affect on plants and surroundings of your home during the pressure washing process.

Signs that pressure washing in Madison is needed and valuable for your home.

Some of the  signs that pressure washing is needed are:

1. Pressure washing in Madison is needed when there is a buildup of mildew directly under soffit and facia areas under gutters.

2. Pressure washing in Madison Wisconsin is needed when mildew and algae build up along your roof lines.

3. Pressure washing concrete is needed as a visible buildup takes place usually along sidewalks, back patios and pool surrounds.

4. A pressure washing need may be observed simply from looking out an upper window and observing window sills, trim, or backsides of facia where the mildew may collect.

Problems that could arise from not pressure washing your home.

As a pressure washer, dry rot would be one of the more costly problems you would run into when you neglect the exterior of your home. This involves wood replacement which involves getting a carpenter or an outside source to repair it. Allowing algae to grow on your roof may cause shingle damage. Allowing mildew to build up in your cement, besides being unappealing, may cause a slippery and dangerous surface.

Thank you for reading this article on Pressure washing in Madison. For more information on pressure washing in Madison call us at 608-825-3243 or visit our website.

26 Aug 2023

Interior Home Improvement Madison

Interior Home Improvement Madison and the most simple tasks to take your home to the next level.

interior home improvementMany times the selection of colors in relationship to fireplace and wood trim can make the difference between a soft elegance or gaudiness. With the types of colors being pushed by architects and interior designers ideas in relationships to contemporary looks have almost been lost. Sometimes the homeowner can make a better choice for their home than even the professionals can. There is a better chance than not that after looking at your home after a period of months or even years, you have in your mind creative ideas in the selection of design,colors or even textures. That applied in the right places can bring out the elegance of your decor. Interior home improvements can be as simple as cleaning surfaces or painting of the walls.

Interior home improvement Madison childrens rooms.

interior home improvementInterior home improvement of children’s rooms can be a very fun task for you to tackle as parents. While giving them a stimulating environment to grow up in. It is becoming more and more evident with research and study that class rooms embellished with bright blues,greens,or yellows help stimulate the learning process. Stimulating children positively with brighter colors in the classroom can also be applied to the home.  The ideas that you come up with for the coloring of the walls and ceiling should create an inspirational and stimulating environment. The painting of these wall should be done in a type of paint that is easy to clean. Such as a satin finish type of paint with a low voc which are environmentally safe.

Interior home improvement Madison main bedrooms.

An easy way for interior home improvement is to paint the walls or ceilings of your main bedrooms. Sometimes the walls of your main bedrooms are past the point of cleaning and painting needs to be addressed. These areas are usually where a wall is in close proximity to head boards, dressers and night stands. Areas where there has been any type of smoking is an obvious source of staining. Painting these rooms with a low sheen paint will still give an elegant feel of a matt finish with the ability to still clean it. At Accurate Power Washing we have always prided ourselves in  the exterior cleaning of your home and we also take this pride into the inside of your home. We would like to thank you for reading this article on Interior home improvement Madison.




23 Aug 2023

Interior Painting Deforest Wisconsin

Interior Painting  Deforest Wisconsin Intimacy and Accountability.

Interior PaintingThere are many more considerations on interior painting in DeForest Wisconsin than there is on exterior painting.Interior painting in DeForest Wisconsin deals very closely with people’s personal possessions, personal preference’s and a level and degree of trust. Interior painting in DeForest Wisconsin during the initial estimates should leave the homeowner with a sense of safety and security. At the time of the estimate an estimator or company representative should not just be dropping numbers, but giving pricing,brands,colors and options to the homeowner so a finalized price can be reached.  An estimator should also be very thorough in color selection. Giving the homeowner a broad range of pictures and color swatches to show the homeowner reasonable relationships and a sense of confidence in their selection.

Interior painting DeForest Wisconsin and color selection.

Colors although they may work together in many relationships within themselve’s greater consideration must be given to the natural structural tone’s and dynamics of the home’s interior. Whether it be traditional,modern or contemporary. To be pleasing to the eye interior painting in DeForest  Wisconsin must consider objects such as fireplaces, brick and there colors and shades of tone. Carpeting’s color and variations within the carpeting also dictate the color selection. Other considerations are wallpaper and there colors and variation’s of tone. Interior painting will also take into consideration the color’s of your appliances. Woodwork can give interior painting a solid direction in your selection. The color selection’s that you choose must not be limited to all the structural variances that were discussed above.   Even though your tone’s may be drawn from any of these listed items from above creativity and imagination in the end is what will make this work.

Interior painting DeForest Wisconsin and the premiere paint brands that we use.

Interior PaintingWhen selecting a company to do the interior painting of your home. You should also weigh in factors such as the quality or brand of paint being applied. With new technologies in acrylic brands of interior paints they all are very competitive. And their particular performance can be application specific. Eg: the interior painting of a childs room. One would be wise to select a quality product with low VOC’S. Many medical centers have specific brand and low VOC requirements. Interior painting companie’s with sound national visability usually yield the greatest performance. Interior paint with low VOC’S usually require longer drying periods and moisture considerations. Fans and cross ventilation of open windows can increase the estimated drying time efficiency of your interior painting project. I would like to thank you taking the time to read this article on interior painting in DeForest Wisconsin.

28 Jul 2023

Cleaning Vinyl Siding in Madison

Cleaning vinyl siding in Madison and the proper techniques used.

cleaning vinyl siding in madisonCleaning vinyl siding in Madison definitely has procedures that need to be followed in order  that the siding is restored to its original condition.  Stains from the products may result in a modeled appearance and is counter productive to any pressure washing positive effect of removing stains and mildew. When cleaning vinyl siding in Madison, all processes with the exception of a few involve the application of solutions whether it be bleach applied with a chemical injector mixed with trisodium phosphate or any other solutions to remove stains that is applied with the pressure washer from the bottom up. There are many products on the market for cleaning vinyl siding in Madison which are sold to the consumer for pressure washing one’s home. Many of these are overpriced products that are no more effective in removing stains, mildew or algae than common household bleach. Experience teaches us that pressure washing from the top down, even though it seems to be the natural thing to do reinforces the stain matter on the surface of the vinyl siding and the siding may become streaky.

The tools used for cleaning vinyl siding in Madison.

When cleaning vinyl siding in Madison, many people will have numerous opinions concerning tools used in the pressure washing industry. There are only so many ways that these can be used correctly in a pressure washing procedure, with varying degree’s of effectiveness.  The product’s must be applied in the pressure washing cycle. The stains  must be properly scrubbed. Some stains must be retreated with bleach or pressure washing solutions.  This procedure sometimes needs to be repeated numerous times to get the desired results before the final rinse with the power washer. Pressure washers equipped with more than 13 horsepower are very adequate for the removal of stains and mildew. The actual cleaning power to remove these stains, mildew and dirt rely to a greater extent on the pump and it’s capacity to put out gallons per minute. Pressure washers for cleaning vinyl siding in Madison are equipped for commercial use for removing stains and mildew and should have a pump with at least a 3 to 4 gallon minute capacity. The other factor in controlling gallons per minutes in pressure washers are the pressure washing tips that are connected with a quick coupler at the end of the pressure washers gun. These tips are calibrated generally at zero degree, 15 degree, 25 and 40. The other tools that we bring with us to the job site for cleaning vinyl sinding in Madison are. varying types of nylon bristle brushes for removal of mildews and stains. Extension poles are to be used with these brushes.

cleaning vinyl siding in madisonHow we protect your home when cleaning vinyl siding in Madison.

Before pressure washing begins for cleaning vinyl siding in Madison,  all items that are  in the way of  the our pressure washing work area, will either be removed or covered or protected. Items such as plants on hangers and hooks will be taken down so that the bleach or products for the removal of mildew and stains  will not damage these items. Window areas present the greatest problems in any pressure washing phase. During pressure washing they must be rinsed continuously, especially if they are in direct sunlight. Many times it’s wise to take the pressure washer and dampen windows before applying chemicals.

Thank you for reading this article on cleaning vinyl siding in Madison. Have any questions for cleaning vinyl siding in Madison? Contact our qualified technicians for cleaning vinyl siding in Madison at 608-825-3243 or 608-516-3392 or visit our cleaning vinyl siding in Madison section on our website.

28 Jul 2023

Power Washing Decks in Madison

power washing decks in madison Power Washing Decks in Madison and what it will do for my deck’s appearance?

Looking at my deck I realize that it is in dire need of pressure washing.  The same goes for my patio and porch, it’s amazing how a build up of mold or mildew makes them look pretty bad.  Pressure washing decks in Madison,  when used in the hands of a qualified technician can bring your deck, patio or porches back to life.  When cleaning decks in Madison, Accurate is a power washing service committed to customer satisfaction. That being said the power washing equipment that we use are some of the best tools that are used in this industry for power washing decks in Madison.  Pressure washing can be an inexpensive way of bringing your patio, porch or deck back to life especially power washing decks in Madison.  To the left are pictures of power washing decks in Madison. The  first picture to your is a before look at the deck before power  washing.  As you can see mold and mildew are prevalent on this deck.  After second picture is after the power washing phase is completed. You will notice a clean and workable deck.

Power Washing Decks in Madison and the right steps to finding a qualified power washing company.

A qualified Power washing service for power washing decks in Madison, should be more than willing to answer any questions that may arise from the initial conversation.  Open communication is something that will make your pressure washing experience an experience will feel confident in.  When power decks in Madision, the power washing equipment that is used should be available for you to inspect if necessary.  Power washing decks in Madison can be an area where an unqualified power washing service can do damage to that deck, patio or porch.  There are umerous questions regarding power washing decks in Madison that should be asked: is the power washing service insured, how long has the company been in business, and who handles the pressure washing.  Problems sometimes do arise when power washing decks in Madison and if this happens, how do I contact the power washing service?  Are they local or are they a franchise?  You can see where I am going with this.  Just be cautious and ask as many questions as you can when looking for a company that does power washing decks in Madison.

power washing decks in madisonPower Washing Decks in Madison and the steps taken in power washing patios, porches and decks.

Step One: When powerwashing decks in Madison, make sure to remove all furniture and personal items at least 20 feet from deck perimeter.  Cover all plants that might be sensitive to biodegradable strippers with blue or gray boat tarps.  As a power washing service all of this will be taken care of by Accurate Powerwashing.

Step Two: A biodegradable stripper will then be applied to the deck using a pump up sprayer which is part of the power washing equipment arsenal.

Step Three: A stripper scrub brush with a broom handle may be very helpful in loosening the stain by applying an  agitating motion.

Step Four: Using a 15 degree pressure washing tip to strip off loosened stain in a sweeping motion will give us the desired pressure washing effect.

Warning: Using the wrong pressure washing tip or using too much pressure too close to the wood service may leave irreversible damage to deck service.

Step Five: As you are stripping the deck surface be sure to constantly rinse vinyl or aluminum perimeters adjacent to deck.  Windows are also a heavy consideration.

Step Six: If the decks we are pressure washing are elevated as is the case with power washing decks in Madison, consider heavy rinsing to decks under side, vinyl  and all window surroundings.

Accurate Power washing thanks you for taking the time to read this article on power washing decks in Madison. Questions for power washing decks in Madison? For questions and a free estimate on power washing decks in Madison, call 608-825-3243 or visit our website. Schedule a free estimate for powerwashing decks in Madision today.






26 Jul 2023

Exterior Home Painting in Madison

exterior home painting in madisonExterior Home Painting in Madison and the sealing of the Wood.

Sanding may be the final step before sealing wood for aesthetics as well as paint film longevity in exterior home painting in Madison. Sanding old paint edges reduces the chance for paint lifting. Many times this is referred to as feather sanding and it is usually done to reduce the edges. So when final exterior home painting in Madison of wood takes place it has a much smoother appearance. The next step in exterior home painting in Madison is the priming phase. This would be the first step in sealing wood before painting. Caulking is another step in sealing wood before exterior home painting in Madison. Caulking prevents moisture traveling into large open areas where moisture and water may be trapped. Good ventilation is a must in exterior home painting in Madison for the exterior wood of your home. So it is a delicate balance between caulking, before priming and painting wood surfaces, and proper ventilation. There are many primers that are available, and as mentioned, many acrylic primers exceed their oil counterparts depending on their application. One application where oil primer may be more effective is on exposed cedar and red wood. You may have bleeding with acrylic or water-based primers. Here an oil primer may be more effective in sealing wood before painting. This would represent a different focus in painting wood surfaces when exterior home painting in Madison. So when exterior home painting wood, the priming might require a different approach in the sealing wood before the exterior home painting in madison phase.

Exterior Home Painting in Madison and the paints we use.

When exterior home painting in Madison the wood surfaces of your home, an excellent exterior paint should be chosen for the final coat. When  exterior home painting in Madison of exterior wood, one must always consider a paint which is known for a good breathing film. The more expensive paints will release moisture from behind the film and be less susceptible to bubbling and paint failure. One thing is true with painting wood surfaces – preparation before painting is imperative. The better preparation will lead to a quality job of exterior home painting in madison. This is true for painting wood trim, painting wood shutters, painting wood molding, painting wood siding and all aspects of painting wood surfaces of the exterior of your home.

Exterior Home Painting in Madison and the effect on wood.

Wood staining with solid color stain will create more paint effects on wood. Although the wood grain will be hidden on the stain painted wood the texture of the wood will be more visible. Wood staining with semi-solid stain will give the texture of the wood and make some wood grain more visible but covering up many wood imperfections. Wood knots may also become visible to some degree depending on the solid content of the semi-solid stain. Semi-transparent stain will give great grain and wood pattern visibility and show the woods natural characteristics. This is the much sought-after effect for beautiful cedar and sought-after painting effects when exterior home painting in Madison.

Find out how you can experience a quality job in exterior home painting in Madison by going to the section on our website, Exterior  Home Painting in Madison. Call for a free estimate for exterior home painting in Madison today.

Thank you for reading this article on exterior home painting in Madison.




23 Jul 2023

Pressure Washing Discounts Madison Wisconsin

Pressure Washing

Accurate Powerwashing is a pressure washing service operating within a 100 mile radius of the Madison, Wisconsin area.  Pressure washing discounts in Madison, Wisconsin are available. Accurate Powerwashing is offering pressure washing discounts in the surrounding areas of Madison as well. The areas include pressure washing discounts – Oregon, pressure washing discounts – Sun Prairie, pressure washing discounts – Stoughton, pressure washing discounts – McFarland, pressure washing discounts – Deforest,  pressure washing discounts – Waunakee, pressure washing discounts – Monona, pressure washing discounts – Fitchburg and pressure washing discounts – Verona.

Early Bird Pressure Washing Discounts Madison Wisconsin

Accurate Powerwashing/pressure washing services is offering early bird discounts for the months of February and March of 2012 – work to be done in the months of April, May and June of 2012. Accurate Pressure Washing Services also run discounts for groups that we support and their members. Here is a list of the routine pressure washing services discounted groups: Save the Children (, Wounded Warrior Project (, Navy Seal Foundation (, Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure (, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (, American Cancer Society (, Salvation Army (, Second Harvest ( and Hometown Care Energy Fund

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