Improvements to sell your Home Madison

Improvements to sell your home Madison

In this down economy it is truly necessary to give your home the most attractive appearance that can be had without breaking the bank. At Accurate we pride ourselves in giving you a finished product that you can be proud of. Being in business has always been a source of enjoyment in dealing with our customer base. Be it painting,pressure washing or power washing,the cleaning of gutters or siding it is always done with the diligence that your home deserves. Mike Welch the owner of the company has 25 years personal experience in this industry. Which started at Klein Dickert almost 30 years ago. Starting the way I did has given me the experience to help you the customer feel comfortable with the working process of your home improvement. Improvements to sell your home Madison

Improvements to sell your home Madison can be fairly inexpensive to begin with.Home Improvement

There are many improvements that can be done to your home that will not cost you thousands of dollars.Curb appeal is the first thing that needs to be addressed. Mildew on your siding or dirty gutters will be the first thing that a perspective buyer will see. Which can be easily remedied with pressure/power washing. Rates will vary depending on the size of your home but most homes can be cleaned for $500.00 or less. A dirty or oil stained driveway can also be a distractant to  your potential buyer. If your home has a deck or patio many times they will need some type of cleaning,painting or staining.  All these processes can be done at a price that is advantageous to your pocket book. Improvements to sell your home Madison

Improvements to sell your home Madison and the advantages of using a company like Accurate.

The main problem with selling your home is the time that is involved in getting it ready for the sale. It’s a hectic time already and very stressful and a time consuming process. Sometimes you just need to hire an outside source for your own convenience. We will do what ever we can to work with in your schedule and will do our best to accomplish your wish list in a timely manner. We not only do exterior fixes we also can help you out with any interior problems that need addressing. So try not to make this such a stressful period, and give the team at Accurate Power Washing a chance to help you with all your home improvement needs.

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Home Maintenance Madison

Home maintenance Madison, tips to save you  on costly repairs.

Home MaintenanceAfter being in the pressure washing business for many years I see obvious repairs that could have been prevented with some minor maintenance. Your house like anything else will deteriorate with age. A simple maintenance schedule should be drawn up and followed to the tee. A minor home maintenance repair can turn into an expensive endeavor down the road. An experienced pressure washer should be able to notice these type of problems and bring them to your attention. Home maintenance needs to be addressed especially if you want to keep the value of your home competitive with your neighbors. You will find numerous articles on the Internet dealing with every aspect of home maintenance.

Home maintenance Madison and the services we provide.

1- Pressure washing. Pressure washing in many applications is usually done for aesthetic reasons. One greatly overlooked concern is algae build up on roofs and along roof lines. One aspect in pressure washing of home maintenance is the thorough cleaning of mildew and algae build up of shingled areas. When algae increases to a point where it is going behind flashing, huge repairs and bills can result.

2- Gutter cleaning and flushing. With proper scheduled home maintenance of your gutters problems such as ice dams, water in your basement,  and rotting of fascia and soffit areas. Proper gutter cleaning will protect all adjacent parts of your home that can be susceptible to  any type of water damage.

3- Deck washing and restoration. With special tips and service and considerations in synthetic deck/Trek decking. Most consumers are not aware that trek decking can even be pressure washed and cleaned with our proper techniques and services. Decks are just another home maintenance task that that you must not ignore.

4- Cement cleaning The pressure washing service of cement not only gives it a great curb appeal but after being sealed prevents against any type of frost damage. This is a great service where algae build up has caused an area to become slippery and dangerous. Only proving that home maintenance can also be a preventative to injury.

5- Preparing for the winter season. Home maintenance can also be seen as caulking and sealing of existing windows. There is no greater loss of money than watching it leave your home thru obvious points  in your house that can be caulked or sealed.

As you can see Accurate Power Washing is a full service home maintenance company.

Home maintenance Madison and the way I feel my customers should be treated.

Home MaintenanceBeing in this industry for many years I know one thing the customer is always right. That was instilled in me from the very beginning. I hope this article will give us a chance to let my business Accurate Power Washing help you out in any way possible. Thank you for reading this article on home maintenance Madison.






Pressure washing in Madison Wisconsin

Pressure washing in Madison, WI—a solution for your home.

pressure washing in madison wisconsin

There are many misconceptions and notions on the validity of pressure washing in Madison, Wisconsin.  Pressure washing in Madison is a very simple way to increase the asthetics and curb appeal of your home. Although pressure washers  are all basically the same principle in construction. They have many varying applications. These applications range from restoration of vinyl, restoration of aluminum, prepping for paint and pressure washing in Madison concrete.  Being that the pressure washing business is very competitive and sometimes subject to substandard work, we at Accurate Powerwashing have always prided ourselves in the execution of excellence in our work. Doing a pressure washing job with our company should be an enjoyable experience for you as a customer. Our pressure washers in Madison have been trained to perform excellent work in a reasonable time frame.

Pressure washing in Madison and the tools and chemicals that we use.

All chemicals that Accurate Powerwashing ulitizes in the performance of completing a home, are industry standard and environmentally (a.k.a. eco-friendly)  safe to plants and animals. Pressure washing in Madison chemicals that are used for the pressure washing of concrete will vary depending on the point-specific application. Sometimes chemicals will vary depending on the degree of mildew, dirt and algae buildup. They may vary on pressure washing concrete such as an acid wash application that may be used in relationship to following up with a clear acrylic sealer. Sometimes these applications will vary when pressure washing concrete. Pressure washing in Madison chemicals may be applied by a device called a chemical injector. The chemical injector that we use for pressure washing controls the dilution during the pressure washing process so that they are strong enough to kill mildew, mold and loosen dirt but not have a negative affect on plants and surroundings of your home during the pressure washing process.

Signs that pressure washing in Madison is needed and valuable for your home.

Some of the signs that pressure washing is needed are:

1. Pressure washing in Madison is needed when there is a buildup of mildew directly under soffit and facia areas under gutters.

2. Pressure washing is needed when mildew and algae build up along your roof lines.

3. Pressure washing concrete is needed as a visible buildup takes place usually along sidewalks, back patios and pool surrounds.

4. A pressure washing in Madison need may be observed simply from looking out an upper window and observing window sills, trim, or backsides of facia where the mildew may collect.

Problems that could arise from not pressure washing  your home.

As a pressure washer, dry rot would be one of the more costly problems you would run into when you neglect the exterior of your home. This involves wood replacement which involves getting a carpenter or an outside source to repair it. Allowing algae to grow on your roof may cause shingle damage. Allowing mildew to build up in your cement, besides being unappealing, may cause a slippery and dangerous surface.

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